In the Fall of 2008 my colleague Duncan MacDonald was part of the Paris 2008 Nuit Blanche working on a site-specific installation/performance piece at the Bibliotheque Forney with French artist Emanuelle Raynaut. He invited me along to assist with the installation and of course while there I took the opportunity to enjoy the art, food and sights with my lovely Lisa who joined us for the journey as well.


Dinner by the Seine, Sicilian Badger, Burly Bear, wild boar pate, mimolette cheese, baguette, fruit and of course wine!



Even the graffitti is better in Paris.  Check out the playful angel cat on the chimney!



High-tech Parisian bumper.



Light dappling a chapel wall at Notre Dame.



Guess which artist is the famous one.



Daumier's caricature busts at the Musee D'orsay.



View of Courbet's The Painter's Studio at the Musee D'orsay.  It was being re-installed and repaired.



From the left, Duncan, myself & Brian.



Ceiling of the chapel at Cluny.


View of the chapel at Cluny.




This ghost followed me everwhere through the Cluny Museum of the middle ages.



The ghosts in the machine, Duncan & Brian overseeing the sound system for the performance.

Two photos stitched together showing the roof-line of the Bibliotheque Forney at night..



Dancer in the L'Intrus installation.








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